Sunday, 31 January 2010

Naomi Klein in Haifa launching her book ‘Shock doctrine’ - watch her on YOUTUBE

Naomi Klein is the author of the ‘Shock Doctrine’ in which she describes the development of what she calls ‘disaster capitalism’ since the early 70’s (a logical offshoot of neo liberal economics and neo conservative western foreign policy) This series of films is of a speech (altogether about 45 minutes) in which she launches the book in Haifa after a visit to GAZA. There’s a brilliant chapter in the book in which she describes the way that Israel’s permanent war against the Palestinian people has been a massive money spinner for a war/armaments and surveillance economic sector that is rapidly becoming a big source of foreign exchange. Watch the speech –s he’s a brilliant speaker and a great brain and a long term campaigner against the ‘Washington consensus’

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