Monday, 4 January 2010

Leaving Latakia at last

Well it looks like we are finally leaving at last - the boat left yesterday and docked some time in the night despite the fact that Isreal extended its exclusion zone further out to sea, and we were told this morning that the vessel has been unloaded in double quick time and that customs procedures are complete for the vehicles...... We are flying today and the first flight should have left as I write. F group (my group of 14 vehicles - my brothers and sisters - are flying out tonight at 9.00 p.m. We are now desperately hoping that the fact that customs has been so quick is due to a reconsidered strategy by the Egyptians -that the publicity of the attack on the freedom march in Cairo has created such bad publicity internationally that they have decided to get us in and out with the minimum of hassle - we wait to find out.

If we are blessed with clement bureaucracy at the port in theory we will get to
GAZA on Wednesday - which will give me time to get in and out and to Cairo with good time to get back.........

HAd a lovely evening last night - everyone went out - sat in my room on my own on my home made settee and read my book on quantum physics - 'the spooky world where physice encounters consciousness'. I am pretty ceratin that I now understand the concepts of quantum inbdeterminacy, the idea of quantum entanglement and the idea that observation collapses wave probability functions into an observed particle - which implies (does it not?) that there is no independant existence outside of the act of observation. Those of you with a philisophical education will understand me when I say that the implications of this are somewhat Kantian (one of the intellectual precursors of Hegel and Marx). The book I am reading suggest that the dominant interpretation of quantum theory(the copenhagen veiw) that it only applies to the micro-universe is wrong and that in principle indeterminacy can be demonstrated for large objects as well - the only limit being energy resources to perform experiments to demonstrate this...... But it is the case that wave function indeterminacy of larger molecules has been conclusively demonstrated (proteins and so on) - so, one can conclude I may be back or I may not be - it depends who is watching if you get my drift. Anyway nice glass of wine, some reading to take my mind for a walk, and a walk on the beach at 10 pm (moon out and a gale force wind) has put a spring in my step. Unfortunately I woke up Headley this morning at 7 when I got up to go for a piss - not a happy man - he is a nightmare in the mornings and if he gets woken up he is , shall we say, unforgiving........ Another war in the middle east! - but if you can conclude a peace agreement in these conditons, then Palestine will be a doddle.

All love to you all - see you in GAZA


Could someone ring Joth and tell him I'm fine (Cylla? = and send him big hugs from me - I haven't been able to get through)


  1. Bob, you clearly need an urgent re-up on the reading material. Return home at once without passing Go or Gaza. Have notified the Amnesty bookshop who are busy restocking in anticipation of your renewed custom.

    Anyway, we all knew all that already: I blog, therefore I am, innit?


  2. Very Buddhist ... so hope Gaza is in sight and within reach love xxClairexxx

  3. Good stuff Bob. Missing out on a little fun back here - snowballing taking priority over work, another western indulgence ...

  4. Bob

    Colin over the road alerted me to your adventures. Sounds amazing and well done. Enjoyed the blog.

    (75 RR)