Sunday, 29 November 2009

Glouxcester to GAZA, Bristol GAZA link and VIVA PALESTINA

Sign up to Bristol GAZA link here. Click on the link and find out about eh campaign in Bristol

Go to the National Campaign at

Sign up to the Gloucester to GAZA site at

Read the Shmimistim letter

Read this letter from Isreali anti war voices - young people who are refusing to join the Isreali Defence Force

Leaving London on December 6

I am travelling with the VIVA PALESTINA convoy leaving next weekend from Victoria Park in Hackney. About 150 lorries, vans and ambulances will be taking medical equipment and supplies to the people of GAZA, who are suffereing under the illegal siege of the territory. This terrible collective punishment is against international law and follows the devasting bombing and invasion of the strip early in 2009. Keep in touch through this blog